Friday, March 4, 2016

DQ-?! Dairy Queen? Not a chance....


No... the term DQ in the non/swimmer world typical stands for Dairy Queen, but not in our world.  DQ is the dreaded term for some of you.  It stands for :  I just swam a race, it may have even been my best race, but it doesn't count at all because I messed up.


For a coach- or at least for me specifically, I welcome DQ's.

I have asked officials to write DQ's.  As an official myself I have written a DQ slip even though I haven't wanted to.

Those yellow slips help notify a swimmer what they need to fix.

As a coach there has been plenty of times I have told little Tommy that his butterfly kick looks more like a breaststroke kick and have worked with little Tommy to fix it.  However, little Tommy still does an illegal butterfly kick.

If officials let this go without writing a slip, little Tommy will not see anything wrong with how he does his butterfly.

See the link below:  EVEN the big sharks get DQ slips from time to time.  LEARN from your mistakes so that you don't REPEAT them. :)