Friday, April 13, 2012

The 10 & Under Wonder

I absolutely love this little blurb on the USA Swimming website.... I'll let you read it and then I'll let you know why!

10 & Under Article
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Several years ago, USA Swimming looked at 10 & Unders who were ranked in the Top 16 and followed the likelihood that they would still be ranked once they were in high school.  This is what we found:

Ranked Top 16 as a:
10 & Under               Still Ranked as 17-18                    11%
11-12                        Still Ranked as 17-18                    21%
13-14                        Still Ranked as 17-18                    36%
15-16                        Still Ranked as 17-18                    48%

Moral of the Story:  A 10 & Under can survive and thrive...but 50% of the top swimmers develop AFTER Junior Year in High School. If you have age-group athlete, make sure you emphasize fun, participation in a variety of sports and activities, including unstructured play and skill development and that there is a long-term progression plan.  Discourage early specialization in one sport or one event.

My bottom line-  it's NEVER too late.  Do you see that???  Junior year in HIGH school.... BUT those who start developing early get the whole package- the love of the sport and atmosphere, the character building skills, the family and sportsmanship.  EMPHASIZE FUN- don't make them choose one sport or event..... after all they are only kids for so long !  :)