Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When your child's hero dies...

Some of you may not be aware of the shocking news in the swimming community... but a rising Norwegian Breaststroke Superstar... died in Flagstaff AZ yesterday.

Here is an article explaining what happened....
ESPN News Article

It made me think of this world we live in... where our children idolize and love those superstars!  I know swimming has faded into the background for some, or some of you are just so new to it that you haven't experienced an Olympian summer and been able to enjoy the sport with your child.  I am looking forward to this summer and sharing for the first time with MY kids.

Growing up I watched swimming and grew to love Amanda Beard and Summer Sanders.  (I still go on and on about Amanda Beard)  how shocking it would have been as a kid if one of them died the way Alexander died. How would I feel?  Would I be scared like the girl in the blog post below?  Would I want to swim again??

Think of those athletes- Derek Rose, Albert Pujols... or whoever your brain conjures up.  How would the death of one of those athletes effect a starstruck aspiring child athlete?

Anyway, it really made me think.... and touched my heart to read the blog translation below.

Its translated here:
When Our Kid's Hero Dies